Driving With a Suspended License for DUI in Portland, Oregon

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Failing or denying a breathalyzer test or being sentenced to a DUI could lead to license suspension. A suspended license signifies that you are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle. Things get worse if you are caught while driving with a suspended license.

If you were caught driving with a suspended license in Portland, Oregon, you could end up with penalties such as facing jail time, additional suspensions, and heavy fines.

Even if you weren’t aware that your driver’s license was suspended, it might not be an acceptable justification depending on the evidence gathered of your case. Or perhaps you knew about the license suspension and drove nonetheless. You might’ve wanted to be somewhere urgently and thus took a chance.

But, regardless of your reason, this can be a costly mistake. The law for driving while suspended (DWS) directly involves the court. Make sure that you fully comprehend the penalties and charges filed against you in such a case.

Law enforcement officers search for license plate numbers registered with suspended drivers and pull over such vehicles.

Everyone depends on their licenses for getting to work, driving to the local supermarket, and much more. Not having your license can feel like an actual agony. That’s why you need a professional and experienced DUI defense attorney to fight for your right to drive again.

Penalties for Driving While Suspended

You can end up with a “driving while suspended” (DWS) charge if caught driving with a suspended license. It is also considered a crime to drive while suspended from doing so under a DUI. That’s why it can result in several penalties depending upon the conditions, evidence, and witnesses gathered by the police.

For the first-time offense, there could be a jail, driving probation, and a minimum of almost $1000 fine as well.

At the time of being stopped by the officers, you could be arrested, and your car will be towed.

The extent of penalty a person has to pay after being caught driving with a suspended license will majorly depend upon your location and criminal history. The penalties can differ from county to county in Oregon. Some states punish a suspended driver with jail time and stiff penalties, while other states leave them after payment of a hefty fine.

A DWS with regards to a DUI can lead to different criminal convictions. And the convictions will always stay on your record. In Portland, Oregon, driving crimes can never be erased.

You won’t be charged with prolonged suspension though, only the original length will be applicable. But with continual violations, you will be classified as a habitual offender, and in case, your license will be suspended for an additional time duration.

Will Driving on a Suspended License Affect a DUI Diversion?

Driving with a suspended license in Portland will not influence your suitability or involvement in Oregon’s DUI Diversion program. But you still have to follow all the other rules of the program.

Though, if you are on trial in case of DUI, a DWS, or DWR charge, it would be reflected as a probation violation.

Getting a Hardship Permit to Drive With a Suspended License

In Portland, Oregon, by applying for a hardship permit you can drive even if you have a suspended license, but only to certain places.

With a hardship permit, you can legally drive for employment purposes, obtain medical treatment, and for other essential tasks.

You should have in mind hardship permits can’t grant you full driving privileges, and you can get a DWS charge if you try to drive your vehicles for other reasons. Apart from driving restrictions, a hardship permit approval is also determined by certain other conditions like the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

This device will perform a breathalyzer test before allowing you to start the engine and while you drive.

Trilogy Law Group Is Always Ready to Serve

If you want to apply for a hardship permit or just want to fight a DUI or DWS charge, your first step should be to connect with an experienced Portland DUI lawyer. A DWS charge can carry significant penalties, and a professional attorney can help you minimize or avoid these penalties.

We, at the Trilogy Law Group, have a team of proficient attorneys to support your DWS case. Our exceptionally experienced lawyers can also help you understand the consequences of driving with a suspended license and the proper way of applying for a hardship permit.

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