Oregon Hardship Permit

In the aftermath of a DUI-related breathalyzer test, a refusal to have such a test administered, or a conviction on a DUI charge, the majority of drivers will be eligible to receive an Oregon Hardship Permit, also known as a Work Permit. These are granted by Oregon’s DMV and allow an individual to drive under certain, limited circumstances. If you are facing DUI charges contact Trilogy Law Group to learn how our expert DUI defense lawyers can help your case.

What Do Oregon Hardship Permits Typically Allow?

Such a permit will generally allow an individual to drive to and from their place of employment, using a defined route. Drivers will also be allowed to drive in certain defined counties while on the job. These permits allow individuals to drive for the purpose of seeking employment in certain defined counties, to get to and from rehabilitation meetings, addiction treatment programs and medical appointments.

In addition to their Hardship Permit, drivers will need to have an SR-22 certificate, which is documentation provided by an insurance carrier licensed in Portland, Oregon that demonstrates an awareness of the DUI and a willingness to provide coverage for “future responsibility.” Drivers wishing to secure a Hardship Permit for work purposes will need to submit documentation from the employer as well. Letters are not meant to be character witness statements, but rather simple proof of the driver’s work times and locations, whether driving is a required part of the job, what sort of vehicle will be driven on the job, and similar information.

It is important to remember that Hardship Permits are meant to be used only for travel between work and home, and therefore it is necessary to provide a greater level of detail in terms of why the freedom to drive is needed during working hours, where the employee will travel and during what hours of the day.

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In cases where an individual is unemployed or, as often happens, is rendered so by virtue of their DUI, Hardship Permits may be granted to assist that person in finding work. In such cases, documentation must be submitted that details each and every county where work is being sought. Such permits are valid for a period of 120 days.

To make the process easier, it is possible to download the official Hardship Permit Application from the Oregon DMV website. While the form is not particularly complicated, it is worthwhile to consult with a DUI defense lawyer before submitting it. Without the inclusion of key information, it is possible to have an application unnecessarily rejected or delayed. It is also important to make certain that the permit ultimately issued is not so geographically restricted that it becomes effectively useless for its required purpose.

What Are The Limits Of Hardship Permits In Oregon?

Oregon cannot issue Hardship Permits that have an effect in other states when a driver’s general driving privileges are suspended. As such, someone with an Oregon-issued Hardship Permit may only operate a vehicle within the state. Such a recipient will not be allowed to cross over into Washington, for instance, and therefore it is necessary to be very careful when driving for employment purposes.

Also, Oregon’s DMV cannot confer privileges related to the operation of commercial vehicles via a Hardship Permit. Anyone with a Commercial Driver’s License who finds themselves with a DUI issue will have to downgrade their license endorsement to non-commercial status in order to receive a Hardship Permit as described above.

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If you have experienced a suspension of your driving privileges because of a DUI offense or other traffic-related issue, get in touch with the attorneys of the Trilogy Law Group as soon as possible. We have an impressive track record of assisting clients with precisely these kinds of scenarios, and we stand ready to help with your case. Losing your ability to operate a vehicle can have a devastating impact on you, your family and your ability to earn a living. As such, the quicker you take action to have privileges restored on even a limited basis, the better off you will be. Do not let inaction on your part hinder your ability to get things back on track, contact us now!

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