Should You Inform Your Employer About Your DUI Charge

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Being arrested for DUI doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be convicted. But, among the many questions you have is whether or not you should inform your employer about it. Unless you get a DUI conviction, then you don’t have to share this info with your employer.

If you decide to tell them, you will avoid the unpleasant situation where they find out by themselves which may affect your career.

If you’re convicted with a DUI and fear that things may get complicated at work, or you need legal advising about this case, contact a Portland DUI attorney.

Will A DUI Affect Your Reputation?

Hiding a DUI arrest is not quite an easy thing, especially if your job contract requires you to make it public. Doctors, teachers, politicians, clergy members or lawyers must inform about such an arrest.

Will you lose your job? It depends on various factors. Your employer might not want to have a person who drives under the influence (this is crucial if you’re a driver or a pilot) so you can expect to be fired.

These are the potential consequences if you are convicted of drunk driving.

  • Reduced Opportunities – A DUI conviction may stop you from being hired for a job. If you want to find a job as a driver, pizza delivery, catering or sales, you may have issues due to your conviction. If you’re a teacher, medical worker, or law enforcement, will also face challenges to find a new job.
  • Background Checks – Don’t be surprised that many companies do a background check for their potential employees. Having a clean driving and/or criminal record may be crucial to get the job.
  • License Suspension – Your license may be suspended from one to three months, but up to a whole year. Some extreme DUI charges lead to a lifetime driver’s license suspension. So, without it, your job options may be quite limited. Not being able to drive, you’ll have to find other ways to get to work, which may lead to frequent delays.
  • Time Off Work – You’ll have to attend court dates, even jail time. This will affect your time at work. If you are seeking a job, it may be a challenge to schedule interviews. This may appear unprofessional to your potential employer.
  • Job Loss – If you’re a doctor or a teacher, for example, this conviction could literally end your entire career.

What To Answer?

DUI convictions are notorious for finding a job or even losing the current one. If your license is suspended you won’t be able to drive to work, so you’ll have to find another way to get to work.

Some employee contracts require you to inform the employer about an arrest, (DUI or another crime). If you are obligated by a contract to tell your employer about the DUI, then don’t fail to do it.

Some occupations require the employer to report an arrest for DUI. These jobs are Uber or Lyft drivers, pilots, postal workers, military personnel, childcare workers, commercial truck drivers, and workers in a public capacity.

Be sure if your company’s employee handbook states that you must reveal any DUI charges. If your employer directly asks you about a DUI arrest, give them an honest answer. Before you tell your employer about your DUI charge, it’s best to consult first with an attorney who will advise you on what to say to minimize the impact of this charge.

DUI Arrest vs. Conviction

A DUI arrest is not the same as an actual DUI conviction. A DUI charge is an accusation of a crime, while a DUI conviction means there is an admission or a finding of guilt.

Your attorney may use various defense strategies if you’re arrested for a DUI. They could defend you with the following:

  • The police didn’t have probable cause to stop your vehicle or give you a sobriety test.
  • The police failed to properly administer the sobriety test.
  • The testing equipment that was used for your test wasn’t working well.
  • You gave the police a statement that violated your Miranda rights.
  • The discovery and evidence rule was violated.

Hiring a lawyer could save you from many unwanted things. You alone won’t be able to know all the important methods to defend yourself.

If you seek a skilled and dedicated DUI attorney, our team at Trilogy Law Group is here for you.

We’ll answer every question you have and represent you in court.

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