What Are Your Legal Rights in a DUI Crash Case in Portland?

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Portland is an exciting place full of hotspots and clubs to blow off the steam now and then, but you should always be careful of a DUI crash. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a weekend night with friends at a bar, but getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol will put lives at stake, including yours.

Speaking of Portland particularly, DUI or driving under influence is a major road safety hazard comparable with distracted driving. And if someone does end up in a DUI crash, they’ll have to deal with some serious court issues.

But they still have rights.

The best way to ensure that the legal rights of either party are not violated is to hire a competent DUI defense lawyer in Portland.

What Are Your Rights & How Can a Portland DUI Defense Lawyer Help You?

As per law, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of hiring a DUI defense lawyer to handle your case from the beginning (and you should). This legal support will help you through the investigation phase, settlement negotiations, and even if things go to a lawsuit.

Avoiding The Court

The best way a DUI defense lawyer can help is by trying to sort the matter outside the court, which is how most cases are settled. This may take weeks or months, but your lawyer can keep you from seeing the inside of a courtroom (for the settlement), but in other cases, it might not be possible.

However, even there, your lawyer’s support will make a huge difference.

Hiring a DUI defense lawyer without any delay can help you take control of things from the beginning and get out of the problem sooner than otherwise.

Proper Handling Of Evidence & Charges

A DUI defense lawyer is responsible for ensuring the avoidance of aggravating charges and penalties on the driver, i.e. you can’t be charged for more than what you did. Thus in light of the evidence available, your lawyer will prevent the violation of your legal rights.

Exercising Your Rights In The Legal Process

In such cases, things escalate quickly; only an experienced attorney can understand the points and act in time. They can work ways not commonly known and help the driver get out with minimum or no sentence, i.e. if the case is not severe.

With their experience and knowledge, they can help you pick the best course of action in court if a lawsuit is filed.

Getting Your License Back

According to the latest updates, 48 states have passed administrative license suspension laws. It means that the officials will immediately suspend and confiscate your driver’s license in case of a DUI accident, even a minor one.

This applies even if you’re caught drunk driving and record a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level over the legal limit (0.8 percent). However, if you get a lawyer on board, you might get your license back and regain personal freedom without worry.

Professional Defense In Court

Keep in mind that the other party or parties will be showing up with professional lawyers against you.

Are you well aware of the DUI laws in Portland, and what can save you? Probably not. Your lawyer will defend you against the charges while finding ways to get you off the hook, such as plea bargains, using evidence, getting statements from witnesses, and so on. By doing so, you won’t be subjected to inflated penalties.

The lawyer will also use the available evidence for trial support and prove you innocent if you’ve been wrongly charged (false positive).

Your lawyer will be responsible for communicating relevant and necessary details to the jury. They’ll also deal with the other lawyer to sort out the problem or share important information to help you through the mess.

This means your attorney can convince the other party to drop the charges, and you will go home free, sooner than expected. However, keep in mind that only a professional DUI defense lawyer can discuss these matters influentially and generate favorable results.

Our Portland DUI Lawyers Have Your Back

From professional assistance to saving your precious time and money, there are several ways a professional DUI defense lawyer can help you. Our team of Portland DUI lawyers will offer you the best advice and help you however possible via our experience and knowledge.

The best way to avoid all the hassle and losses, of course, is to never drink and drive in the first place, but if you do get in the mess, you still have rights, and you should exercise them. Let’s all be responsible citizens and protect ourselves, our families, and those living around us.

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