DUI in Portland: Why Does False Positive Testing Happen?

dui in portland

If you’re stopped for DUI in Portland, the police may ask for a breathalyzer test. It will determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). Failing a breathalyzer test means you are over the legal limit for alcohol content in your blood, and criminal prosecution will soon follow. But the results obtained by a breathalyzer are not […]

DUI Charge: What Are The Different Types

The consequences of a DUI charge can vary dramatically from one case to another. There are several charges one can face if arrested for driving under the Influence (DUI). The penalties you may encounter depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of each case. There are nearly infinite possibilities of charges that may result from […]

Sobriety Checkpoint: How to Conduct Yourself to Avoid Suspicion

sobriety checkpoint

A sobriety checkpoint is a law enforcement tool used to identify and deter impaired driving and DUI drivers. Several officers set up at various checkpoints on a roadway to stop people and check for alcohol impairment DUI or any other drug impairment. These checkpoints are placed in many fixed locations, and vehicles are stopped based […]

DUI Diversion Programs: What Are They and How Do They Work?

dui diversion

People arrested for a DUI charge in Portland, Oregon might end up in jail for a time. To avoid jail time, you can commit to Oregon’s DUI Diversion Program. The rules for getting into the program are simple. You just have to be considered eligible for DUI diversion to be admitted. The members of the […]

Driving With a Suspended License for DUI in Portland, Oregon

suspended license

Failing or denying a breathalyzer test or being sentenced to a DUI could lead to license suspension. A suspended license signifies that you are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle. Things get worse if you are caught while driving with a suspended license. If you were caught driving with a suspended license in Portland, […]

DUI Charge: Common Mistakes People Make

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A DUI charge can be a terrifying experience. If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), and especially if it’s your first time, your next steps will have consequences. You must be aware of what steps to take to get your case dismissed or reduce the charges you face. If not handled […]

What NOT to Do in the Event of a DUI Arrest

dui arrest

A DUI arrest can linger in a person’s permanent record. It is important to understand how to handle the situation when you get pulled over for DUI, but at the same time, you need to go through the things you can’t do. You can, through your actions and words, make things harder for yourself. However, […]

What Are The Miranda Rights & Why Do They Matter In A DUI Case?

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The Miranda Rights are pretty common knowledge due to popular culture. If you watch enough TV, you probably already know what a police officer says when they arrest someone. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be held against you in a court of law.” Well, this is one of the […]

Alcotest Under Suspicion Of DUI: Can You Say No?

Police officer holding alcotest machine for breath test

An alcotest is a common way for the police to check your blood alcohol level. Drunk driving is a serious offense, and the consequences of this negligence can be disastrous. Injury, financial loss, and even death may result from an accident caused by DUI. Furthermore, if you’re arrested for drunk driving, things can become unnecessarily […]

What To Do If The Arresting Officer Violated Your Rights?


Even DUI offenders have rights guaranteed by the constitution. Any Portland police officer cannot violate your rights or mistreat you if you cooperate completely and don’t overstep your bounds. Even in the case of friction, the police are bound to treat you reasonably, any attempt to aggravate you or other abusive behavior is completely unacceptable. […]

You Have Rights, Even in a DUI Case


Yes, you read that right – even someone suspected of DUI has rights that not only dictate how they ought to be treated but also what they need to do and what they can refuse. But before we take a step further into this discussion, let us make one thing absolutely clear: you cannot refuse […]

DUI Penalties for Drivers Under 18


DUI penalties may be extremely harsh for drivers under the age of 18. Getting your license in high school means two things – finally, you get the freedom to drive yourself from A to B and of course you’d want to show up in front of your friends. Many kids aged fifteen to eighteen will […]