What You Need to Know About Clearing Your Driving Record

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Having an ‘unclean’ driving record may cost you many things such as finding a good job, or even losing your current one. This is especially important for DUI. Once you add it to your record, not only do you risk finding a new job or keeping your old one but also, your insurance rates will go up. Fortunately, there are ways you can clear your driving record.

If you’re determined to do this, you should talk to an Oregon DUI attorney.

What’s a Driving Record?

Your driving record (a motor vehicle record) is the history of your driving. It includes detailed information on any accidents, suspensions tickets, suspensions, DUIs, and so on. Your DMV gives it to your insurer. The printed copy is called an abstract of driving record.

Violations will stay on your license for a certain number of years, mainly determined by the state you live in. In Oregon, for example, you will never be able to delete DUI off your record compared to other states where it can be cleared after a specific number of years

How Your Insurance Rates Are Affected?

Driving violations won’t always lead to higher insurance rates. Let’s say you have parking tickets; those won’t affect your car insurance premiums, A minor speeding ticket won’t increase your premium either, or if it leads to it, the raise may be as much as 30% (it depends on your insurance company). However, a DUI can add thousands of dollars to your costs.

How Long Do Driving Dings Affect Rates?

This depends on the violation. For instance, a DUI conviction may stay on your record for years. It varies in every state; in Oregon, it stays for life, while in states like California it may stay for ten years.

How to Clear Your Driving Record Points?

The main question is how to get rid of the driving record points. This is different from state to state, but these are the available choices.

  • Complete a driver improvement course – you can take a state-approved course, but be sure your state allows it and only take a course from a state-authorized school.
  • Fight the ticket – Most drivers don’t fight a ticket, it can pay off to do it. You (or your attorney) can argue that you were wrongfully cited or convince the court that there were mitigating circumstances. You might be able to have your penalties reduced or dismissed entirely.
  • Stay on top of all penalties – In case you get a penalty for a minor violation, make sure you pay it immediately. This way you can keep it off your record.
  • Keep your record clean – Keeping a clean record for a long time after a ticket or other violation can get your points removed.
  • Check with your DMV – Don’t assume that the points will automatically disappear from your driving record after a few years. Check with your DMV if you have to request the removal of the points.

In a worst-case scenario, where a conviction will lead to a driver’s license suspension, you should seek help from a skilled attorney in this area. Your attorney will represent you in court and create a solid defense.

Although minor violations can be an issue for some drivers, the major ones like DUI can be quite a challenge. There isn’t a single law that allows the court to erase this conviction from your record even after a specific time. Oregon has mechanisms to delete some crimes, or simply setting them off your record.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help

According to Oregon Revised Statute 137.225, particular traffic-related offenses can be set aside, which also includes driving under the influence.

If you were arrested on suspicion of a DUI but haven’t been convicted (because the charges were dismissed) the case was never filed or because you were finally acquitted of the crime, you may have your DUII arrest set aside. You can file to set the record of your arrest aside after the charges are dismissed or you are acquitted.

This may be a complex thing to do on your own. It’s best to consult with a DUI attorney who has experience with such cases.

If you were charged with DUI, talk to your lawyer before informing your employer.

Our team at Trilogy Law Group has worked on such cases and would gladly review your case. Schedule your free consultation now.

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